How Curately Works

Curately is designed to help you discover and leverage the world's best content to engage your audience and build your brand online.

  • 1

    Create your project

    Your first step is to create your project in your dashboard. Your project can be specific to a blog or website you're writing for, or a particular type of content you want to publish.

  • 2

    Add your content sources

    Either search for websites or add in individual RSS feeds - Curately will index all published content from those sources to give you a basis for writing your own blog posts!

  • 3

    Select content pieces to include

    Next, you'll select the content that you want to include in your own article. You can use the links from the original sources, excerpts or images to start building your own blog post!

  • 4

    Assemble your post

    From the content that you've selected, you'll be able to drag and drop it in the editor to arrange comprehensive list posts, "listicals" or well researched articles. Once you assemble your content, the next steps is the final editing.

  • 5

    Final editing

    The last step before publishing content to your blog is to give your content a once over. This ensures that your final blog post meets all of your needs, and is also where you ad in any native advertising!

  • 6

    Hit Publish!

    The last step is to publish your content, for all the world to see on your blog!

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