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How To Boost Blog Content Traffic Using Video

Probably the best advice you’ll get from content marketers is to write quality blog posts so your blog content propels you higher in the Google SERP or whatever search engine you’re trying to optimize for. While writing quality content should be one of the top priorities for your business, that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

If you want your blog content to bring you traffic, writing quality blog posts alone won’t do it. You need to implement tactics that distribute your content to the right audience so they have the possibility to share it with friends and family.

Boosting blog content to drive more traffic to your website can be done in more than one ways, some of them considered to be black or gray hat so try to avoid those. If you want to boost blog content traffic you need to use only white hat tactics so you don’t lose more than you gain in the long run.

How do you boost Blog Content Traffic using Videos?

A few years ago, spamming your links on many websites often resulted in unfair advantages for your business but things have changed. People would often create several short videos with the same title as the blog post so they would get some kind of backlinks to the original article.

That’s not what you should do…

But before we go ahead and talk some more about how videos can drive more traffic to your blog posts and discover white hat ways to successfully combine written and video content, we need to talk about content creation.

The reason why just creating long-form quality blog posts isn’t driving you much traffic is because you’re lacking content distribution. But if you want to invest in distribution, you’ll need to take time and money away from content creation. Can you still create quality content people will want to share after you distribute it?

Curately brings you the convenient solution by allowing you to create quality blog posts using curated content from trusted online sources. Creating quality blog posts from snippets of curated content is the solution for those who want to perfectly use content creation and distribution without losing quality.

3 Proven ways to boost blog content traffic using videos

There’s nothing wrong with wanting more blog traffic, especially if you’re a new blogger. But how do you develop your content distribution tactic to get more readers on your blog? Well, read on and apply the following video tips and tricks, depending on your preferences.

Youtube videos boost blog content traffic

Using YouTube videos to boost blog content traffic.

1. Create YouTube videos for your blog posts

One great way to reach more people and redirect them back to your blog is to create YouTube videos for your blog posts. You choose how much content you add to those videos and how you create them, but they will surely boost blog content traffic since you’re publishing your content on a highly-used social media network / search engine.

You’re making your content available to more people by changing the way you showcase it. Depending on your skills and preferences you have several options for your blog post YouTube videos:

  • You can create a video featuring several sliding images and an audio transcript.
  • You can film yourself talking about the blog post, adding context and other information.
  • You can create a video where you tell what happened, using hands gestures and facial expressions to create emotion.

2. Use Snapchat’s disappearing video content feature

If you want to reach more people with your blog content, especially a younger audience, you can give Snapchat a go. The mobile app/social platform allows you to create 10-second videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Pushing out video content on Snapchat to promote written blog posts is a tactic used by journalists all over the world. They either create Snaps of themselves talking about the blog post or just let their followers know there’s a new blog post and they should check it out.

You can successfully use Snapchat video to boost blog content traffic but you need to be smart about it. You’ll need to have a follower base to distribute your content to and the percentage of self-promotion has to be at an acceptable level – don’t forget what people want to see on Snapchat from you!

3. Tease Instagram followers using videos before publishing quality blog posts

Everybody knows what Instagram is and a lot of people use it on a daily basis to showcase different types of content. This can also work if you’re trying to boost blog content traffic. A good tactic would be to tease your audience with snippets of video and images before you publish a quality blog post.

This works better for some audiences and can have limited success for others. But if you already have a big follower base on Instagram it’s a better idea to use this platform for video content. Provide your audience with a mix of teasing images and videos for any upcoming big article to boost blog content traffic.

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