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How to Create a Stellar Content Strategy Using Videos

One of the biggest mistakes marketers tend to make is to center their content strategy only around written content. They’ll add some infographics and presentation to the mix, from time to time, but they won’t add any video content. Why is that? We could say it’s the lack of experience or the client’s desire not to gamble on something that didn’t work for them in the past.

But if you look at the current state of social media and web content, you’ll see that video content is a must. That’s why every marketer should push the following definition of a content strategy.

What is a Content Strategy?

Your website or company’s content strategy consists of researching the right type of content for your audience and creating a fully-working schedule to distribute that content across all platforms. These platforms can be owned by yourself: website, blog, mobile apps, content delivery platforms such as Medium or LinkedIn Pulse, and social media networks: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. When it comes to what type of content should you focus on when creating your content strategy, don’t be afraid to use all types of content available: text, images, videos, audio files.

Your content strategy should encompass short-term and long-term plans. While the short-term plans are focused more on content distribution, long-term plans should created guidelines for the company in the years to come.

Using videos in your content strategy.

There’s a really good reason why you should include video in your content strategy. By doing this, you open up a new audience segment you weren’t able to reach until now. Just as an example, YouTube has more than one billion users and billions of daily video views. When you add other video services to the mix, you’re giving your business the chance to grow in new environments.

What’s the best video content you can deliver to your audience? That’s up to you to find out. Like we said before, a good part of your content strategy is made up from researching and testing out things. Here are some content types you can integrate into your content strategy.

Recorded videos

From product videos to reviews or random videos, filming it and uploading to YouTube has been the way to go for years. Facebook is trying to catch up to the trend but, at the time of this article, it’s a harsh and unfriendly environment for content creators. Your best option is to use Facebook just for promotional videos so your message reaches more people but use YouTube for everything else.

If you use recorded videos in your content strategy, don’t forget that they have to be optimized to rank better in YouTube’s (or Google) search engine. You will need to create a compelling title (around 100 characters at most), add meta tags and a good description. Don’t forget to add any links you need to in the description box. YouTube provides you with handy tools such as in-video annotations and YouTube cards that you can use to redirect users to other videos or to specific URLs.

live video content strategy

Recored videos or Live video? What’s best for your company?

Live Video

Depending on your business’ niche, you need to choose a live video provider to fit your needs. For example, if you plan on playing games and streaming them to make money, go ahead and use or YouTube Gaming. For other live video needs, you’re better off streaming on Facebook or using a live video platform such as Periscope, Meerkat or

Creating live video content and integrating it into your content strategy can be a bit problematic since you need to follow your audience and get them used to you streaming regularly. If you’re doing this once or twice without preparation, you won’t get any ROI for your time spent in front of the camera.

HINT: This blog post will teach you How to Build up Engagement Rate with Facebook Live Video.

You’ll need some good subjects before going live and talking to your audience. A curated content web app such as Curately can help since it provides you with great content from your niche.

Experimental video services

There are some video options for your content strategy that focus on recorded videos but have some different options you can take advantage of. For example, posting a recorded video on Instagram has its own benefits and requirements.

Another good example of experimental video services you can add to your content strategy is Snapchat where you can share images and videos with your followers. Your content is available only for a period of time, giving it a sense of urgency.

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