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8 Powerful Ways To Use Repurposed Content On Your Social Media Pages

It’s not easy to always bring new content to your social media pages and accounts. You can always to tap in to some good content sources such as the latest news, hottest trends and niche subjects but that can’t possibly fill in a full post calendar, right?

Don’t worry. There is a secret that social media managers always use to get a higher engagement rate on social media accounts.

They use repurposed content to bring attention to the social media accounts, grow the fan base and increase the engagement rate, but before we go there, we have to understand what IS NOT repurposed content:

  • Old images from Facebook posts to be reshared.
  • Blog posts you already shared on social networks.
  • Sharing social posts from other Facebook pages
  • Retweets
  • etc…

Repurposing your content means that you give your old content a new form to make it relevant for the current audience. It’s not about reblogging, reposting or resharing the same old content on social media pages. Now that we have a clear image of what content we’re talking about, let’s see how to use that repurposed content to bring attention to your social media pages and increase the engagement rate.

1. Start with research.

Yes, almost all our tips and tricks start with some form of researching because it provides you with amazing insight you won’t find anywhere else. Use your Google Analytics content and social media metrics platforms to find out what was your best content. Create a database of articles and social media posts and make connections between them. 

2. Use repurposed content to create infographics.

People love images and they find them to be more insightful than usual text blocks. You can use old posts with statistics or any type of data and transform it into branded infographics. You’ll have the option to share them on your social media accounts or send them to relevant blogs and media sites to get some quality backlinks to your website.

repurposed content quotes

Use shared content to create visual quotes.

3. Transform quotes into images.

Like we said above, people love visual content so why not transform any quotes or interesting data into images to be share on your social media accounts? Hint: you can go to Twitter and see what were some of your most retweeted posts. Transform those retweets into visual appealing quotes.

4. Make use of web presentations.

Do you have any old blog posts with statistical data? Why not repurpose that content and create some interesting visual presentations? Use Slideshare or similar services to upload and share on your social media pages. Next to visual, data and statistics are of high interest for your social media fans.

5. Start a podcast

Podcasts are still converting big in 2016 so take advantage from this and transform your written content into audio. You will be able to reach a bigger audience and create a listener base from your blog readers and social media fans. If you use a service such as Soundcloud you can share every podcast episode on your Facebook page and allow your fans to listen to it on the spot without subscribing on iTunes.

6. Update your old content

Did you write something really interesting a year ago? Why not check if anything has changed since then? You can use a web service such as Curately to find similar blog posts and incorporate them in your old converting articles or just create fresh content from that idea. Curately is intuitive so you won’t have any problems in finding the right content and to publish to your website. Don’t forget to write a catchy title so people will click on your link and start a discussion.

7. From webinars to video tutorials.

If you organized webinars in the past and had a lot of attendees, you can transform them into video tutorials. People consume more and more video content and transforming your old webinars into video tutorials will help both you and your social media fans since they couldn’t be present when you first created that content. Upload the video to Facebook to get more views on the social network or choose Youtube for your video file and probably get some visitors on your website.

8. Interviews make a great eBook

Depending on your blog or website’s niche, there is a high chance your interviewed relevant people and got valuable insight for your readers. Help your audience to digest this content by repurposing it as an eBook and offering for free in exchange of people signing up to your email list, liking your Facebook page or following you on Twitter. To grow your fan base you can even release it only on specific social media platforms providing your fans with value.

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