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How To Use Social Media To Get Relevant Traffic To Your Blog

No matter what type of blog you’re running, there is one thing you know for sure.

You need blog traffic and not just any kind of traffic but relevant one. You’re looking for people interested to your content, users who will buy your products, click on your affiliate links or interact with your knowledge articles.

Smart blog owners know that high traffic can be useless (and even harmful) if those users aren’t interested at least 20% in what you have to offer. Having irrelevant traffic can harm your business since it will eat up your website bandwidth and maybe take down your website because of this.

There are several ways you can analyze your traffic and see if it’s relevant or not. You can do this by checking your Google Analytics or hosting statistics.

The conclusion is you need relevant (targeted) traffic if you want to have a successful blog and Social Media is one the most simple, but not easy ways to get it.

How to use Social Media to get relevant traffic to your blog?

Using social media to drive targeted traffic to your blog isn’t something everyone can do and it’s easier for some blog owners while others can stumble upon some issues. If you’re looking for a simple and low cost way to get relevant traffic, read the following guide and you’ll achieve it.

Create your Social Media identity.

Ok. So you have your blog and you’re wondering what social media accounts should you create. It’s totally up to you but note that some social networks are more relevant to certain niches. For example, beauty or cooking bloggers will have a bigger audience on Pinterest and Instagram so try to assess the situation.

Look for places where to add your blog’s URL next to a short description so people will be encouraged to click on your website link. Creating your Social Media accounts can also help you with your SERP since Google and other search engines index these social media pages to give users a better image of your business.

You should try to create pages for Google Plus and Facebook for sure. If you feel you can provide more content, experiment with other social networks. Always check for places where you can add your blog URL to drive some traffic to your website.

Maintain your social media presence.

Just creating Social Media profiles isn’t going to drive too many visitors to your blog if you don’t take time to maintain your social media presence. After you built your fan base, you have to entertain those people by offering them quality & targeted content. In return, you’ll get relevant traffic to your blog and a slow but steady increase in fan base.

Here are a few guidelines for posting on your social media accounts:

  • Don’t post too much (or too little). You need to find a compromise and share just the right amount of information to your fans. Finding that sweet spot won’t be easy but getting there will allow you to find the exact number of posts your fans want. This will bring you more relevant traffic since you have a high percentage of fans who see your share content and click on links, images, videos, etc.
  • Don’t make it all about you. If you only post your own content, you fans will soon get tired of this. Try to keep things entertaining and provide other resources.
  • Don’t forget to interact with fans. Just posting links and images won’t help your social media accounts grow and you won’t get more relevant traffic to your blog. Make sure to interact with people who leave comments.
  • Keep your fans entertained. The content you add to your blog will influence your social media fans so find the best content for your blog posts. Activate your Curately account and create traffic-driving content from the top sources.
social media ads

Social Media ads can drive relevant traffic to your blog!

Use social media ads to drive relevant traffic back to your blog.

Most people believe that “Free” is the magic word when it comes to social media but that’s not quite true. The true word would be “accessible”.

Social networks allow you to get in touch with a wider audience and drive relevant traffic back to your blog by using their tools and ads. Yes – you should use social media ads because these platforms are known to have a better way of targeting interested people and matching them with your content.

When using social media ads, you’ll want to experiment at first so start slow. Invest a small sum and see how that reflects in your weekly or monthly traffic statistics.

Interact with niche influencers.

Social Media offers you with an unique way to interact with the top bloggers in your niche. You won’t probably have a way for them to feature you on their blog, but you can interact on social network.

How can you do this? Almost every social network has a mention feature you can use to tag influencers in your posts. Start by creating some quality content where you mention one or more key players in your niche. After you’ve done this, share that blog post on social networks and tag those people in the Facebook post or Tweet you’re sending out.

This won’t guarantee you success every time and it’s a trial and error process but it’s worth to try. Most influencers will share you blog posts with their followers, opening your way to a broader audience and driving more relevant traffic to your blog.

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