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7 Reasons Why You Need To Publish More Curated Content Right Now

Whatever people may say, content is still king. While this is generally seen as a good thing, it has its drawbacks. Yes, quality should be the thing to look for when you’re creating your content strategy but at what costs? Creating quality content for your website, blog or social media accounts takes a lot of time. For example, a blog post around 2,000 words can take up to several hours to write, but do you have that time?

Even more, small businesses don’t really have the time and budget to focus on long-form content and reap its benefits. When you have so many aspects to take care of: customer service, social media, product creation, etc. quality content seems like an extremely difficult task.

If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll have 3 main options to choose from:

  • You can spend more time creating quality content.
  • You can hire someone just for adding content.
  • You can publish more curated content.

The first two don’t come cheap and they will cost you time and money, but the last one? There’s a high chance that you’re already publishing curated content on your social media accounts so read more if you want to find out why you need to push for more curated content right now.

7 reasons to publish more curated content

Your content creation strategy still needs quality content, you can’t run from this. Curated content makes your content strategy to run more smoothly and allows you to create long-form content with ease, while spending less time and money. You will need to be careful when working with curated content and not become a copycat. Don’t forget about fair use and you should be good to go.

1. Curated content is faster and cheaper

Compare the time you spend creating long-form quality content to that spent while creating curated content. It’s a fight that curated content wins by far. When you create from other original content and create your own, you spend less time and less money.

For example, you can choose a simple-to-use service such as Curately to set up your curated content strategy. Just add your content sources and add snippets from the original content to build your own quality blog post.

2. You get similar results

Choosing to curate content and publish it on your blog posts or social media accounts will bring its own set of benefits. Some people say that those benefits are close to what you’d get if you chose to create quality content from scratch. While it won’t get you exactly the same results, using curated content will bring you close to your goal.

curated content reasons

Use curated content to create a fully working content strategy.

3. It helps you create a 100% working content strategy

Like we said before, you shouldn’t focus all your efforts on creating long-form content. This thing can also be said about curated content. Choosing to curate content allows you to have a better content creation strategy but you need to have a balanced roadmap to move forward. Your content creation process should involve original content, curated content, social media content and so on.

4. Curated content enforces your expert position

If you’re looking to establish yourself (or your firm) as an expert in your field of work, you can’t rely only on your expertise. Creating original content and pushing out on social networks isn’t enough – you need to show people that you’re always researching and up to date with the latest trends from your industry. By creating

By creating blog posts with curated content from other industry experts, you align yourself with their position and allow others to see you as the expert that you are.

5. It opens work relationships

One type of curated content you can use on your website is to create blog posts round-ups where you feature the work of other relevant bloggers or experts. You’ll need to add snippets of text and share your own opinion on the subject, then post a link to the original article.

Do this for a few weeks and you’ll start receiving emails where people thank you for featuring them on your blog. By choosing to curate content and get involved, you’ll get to know those people better and possibly open up work relationships between you two.

6. Keeps your audience entertained

When you don’t have time to create cornerstone content every day or every week, you’ll need to keep your audience entertained or your traffic will start to decline. It’s better to add content on a faster time schedule by mixing your own quality content with curated content because it keeps your audience entertained and your traffic numbers constant.

7. Allows you to stay up to date with the latest news

We all have time allocated for our self-development, right? We read news articles, long blog posts, case studies and browse infographics to stay up to date with the latest news and trend from our line of work. Curated content allows you to make better use of that time but mixing self-development with content creation.

You read the original blog posts (you were going to read anyway) and start creating your own quality content using curated news and blog posts. This will give you the chance to understand topics in a deeply and fast manner.

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